Uploaded: September 25, 2017
Updated: August 20th, 2018 at 15:00
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Category : Role Playing
OS : iOS
Download FINAL FANTASY VII v1.0.5

FINAL FANTASY VII – The game takes place in a fictional world, performed in the entourage of science fiction with elements of fantasy. The main character is Cloud Strife with his group of eco-terrorists “Lavina” fighting against the megacorporation “Shin-Ra”, whose activities lead to the depletion of the energy source on the planet. But in the process of the game, the characters learn about even more dangerous villains, threatening not only their lives, but also the life of the whole planet.


  • Ability to control the virtual joystick
  • About 50 hours of playing time
  • The ability to disable random battles
  • Strengthening heroes using the Max Stats function

English language: none
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requirements: iOS 8.0 and above

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