Terraforming Mars

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Updated April 20, 2024
App Name Terraforming Mars
Latest Version v2.5.1.130143
Genre Board
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Terraforming Mars – this game is not for those who like simple strategies, here you do not need to manage an army and build units, but you need to properly monitor the state of the planet. A funny and very unusual strategy in which you will be one of the leaders of a huge corporation. corporations began to fill the whole earth, and when there was no room left, they rushed to the red planet.As the leader of one of the teams, you must plant trees on the planet and make it habitable. Of course, making the planet alive is not an easy task. A certain amount of resources, as well as money, will help you in this, without them you will not be able to build buildings.The game is made in the form of a turn-based strategy, and the climate on Mars will change constantly, but you have to predict it by anticipating everything in advance. This game is more difficult than economic strategies, because here you need to monitor not only money or resources, but also the life of the planet itself. The water level, the number of cities, the balance between greenery and water, and many other parameters will be important during the settlement of Mars. About whether you will be able to calculate everything, a lot of things will matter. Become one of the first to land on the planet, complete the task that is set on a certain planet and earn points for it. The world leaderboard has the names of those who earned the most points.

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