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Updated January 17, 2021
App Name Amateur Surgeon 4
Latest Version v1.1
Genre Arcade
Developer Inc.Turner Broadcasting System
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Probably everyone in childhood dreamed of becoming a doctor to help other people. And now finally everyone has such an opportunity. To feel like a real surgeon you do not need to study for a long time, just download Amateur Surgeon 4 on your android. The game company is quite long and includes the performance of more than a hundred complex operations. Each patient suffers from a complex disease that only you can cure! In your arsenal you have all the tools like a real surgeon. However, this game has its own peculiarity, instead of professional devices you will use improvised objects. Did you just cut the pizza with a kitchen knife? It will be perfect for the operation!

The daredevil who dares to install Amateur Surgeon 4 on his android will be able to plunge into the world of amateur surgery. There are no rules here, only the unfortunate person and you. Bloody doctor rose from his grave to do another operation on the poor man. Help him find his purpose and really bring someone’s life back to the best. The whole gameplay is full of variety, because here is a real map of the world, on which you can travel. The path will be filled with people with a variety of diseases, which can be eliminated with the help of improvised means. Do not be frightened, this game is not disgusting at all, and very even fun. The player will definitely get his dose of fun!

Do not be afraid, you can download this game on your phone at any time. Hundreds of patients are already waiting for you. Quickly take everything you need and go to the operating table, save lives. Cut, cured – and it’s time to go on the road, to a new place. Game company includes operations on various organs: eyes, heart, lungs. For especially venturesome gamers there is a survival mode, which gives a certain time for the operation.

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