Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds

Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds IPA

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App NameTasty Planet: Back for Seconds
Latest Versionv1.8.1
DeveloperDingo Games
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Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds – you have a unique opportunity to become the master of a tiny ball of gray slime, but not an ordinary one, this ball is able to absorb everything that is smaller than itself. And the more he eats, the bigger he gets. From a small ball of gray slime, something grandiose will grow, capable of eating the entire planet.Your unusual story will begin from the moment when the slime accidentally absorbs the time machine, sending it back to the past. As a slime, you have to go through six amazing periods of time and devour everything that gets in your way. Rats, dinosaurs, gladiators, samurai, hovercars, pyramids, volcanoes, a real food festival awaits you.

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