SimpleRockets 2

SimpleRockets 2 IPA v1.1.107 Download Free For iPhone iOS

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Updated July 4, 2023
App Name SimpleRockets 2
Latest Version v1.1.107
Genre Simulation
Developer JundrooLLC

SimpleRockets 2 is a great simulator for iOS, where you will build rockets and explore space. In this game, your main task will be not just to explore a huge galaxy, but to find new planets using your own built rockets. In order to fly on a rocket into space, you must take into account and calculate all the data to take into account the size of the wings, the size of the fuel tank, the capacity of the cargo compartment and much more. Build a rocket and test it before you fly. Also in this game you can build all-terrain vehicles and airplanes alongside missiles. Play this game and enjoy the excellent 3D graphics, realistic model physics and addictive gameplay.

Download SimpleRockets 2 IPA for iOS
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