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App Name Wilderless
Latest Version v1.9
Genre Role Playing
Developer Robert Kabwe
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Wilderless – at the beginning you will play as a wandering knight idly standing by a river in a country called Amiens marshes. Let’s start with a little interface customization before moving on to the main story. You will begin your journey by exploring the forest in front of you, the gently flowing river, and then travel to other new lands.

During your journey of exploring the Wilderness, it’s true to say that there are no missions, but it’s also incorrect to say that there are no enemies. However, the toughest people in the world won’t be able to match you here. Instead, you will have to fight strange creatures that can only be seen in legends, such as stone golems, giant receptors or even dragons! In reality they are just the masters of this land, you are the stranger, but if you want to survive here, you need to learn how to fight to destroy them or at least tame them.

Wilderless is truly a game that everyone should try, whether you are a fan of the open world game genre or not.

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