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Download MoneyBook v2.2.1

MoneyBook & ndash; a simple and convenient program designed to control the flow of your funds within the allotted budget with the possibility of sending a report by mail to exel. To view statistics, select the & quot; operations & quot; and turn to landscape mode. Nice and affordable interface.


  • The program works fine with the Russian currency
  • By clicking on the button with the amount of funds allocated, you can change their number.
  • The budget is formed based on the funds allotted to you for everything at once
  • All your payments can be recorded in the sections Expenses and Recurring.
  • The & laquo; + & raquo; allows you to enter the required data.
  • 20 types of spending
  • Built-in calculator.
  • The ability to add notes to the spending
  • Many other things
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