MoneyWiz/MoneyWiz 2

MoneyWiz/MoneyWiz 2

Uploaded: October 12, 2017
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Category : Business
OS : iOS
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MoneyWiz / MoneyWiz 2 is one of many home accounting applications & quot; for ios, but the application is a multifunctional solution to your financial accounting. Features:

  • Unique device synchronization function
  • 3 types of account – cash, bank card, credit card
  • Choose accounting currency
  • Category & quot; account & quot; – reflection of transactions on all of your accounts, filling income and expenses
  • Budget category & quot; – serves to limit certain types of expenses
  • category & quot; calendar & quot; – fixing recurring costs
  • category & quot; reports & quot; – a variety of report types and their display (for example, in the form of a pencil sketch)
  • Add & quot; own & quot; categories for convenience and better analytics
  • write-off of currency expenditure from a ruble card and vice versa – for convenience of cost reflection
  • the ability to attach an image or photo (in this case, a check or receipts)
  • Transaction operation
  • reconciliation mode for error search
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