GBA4iOS IPA v2.1.1 For iPhone iOS

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Updated February 11, 2024
App Name GBA4iOS
Latest Version v2.1.1
Genre Other

GBA4iOS is a 32-bit Game Boy Advance handheld console emulator for iOS. Introduced in 2000 and on sale in 2001, the Game Boy Advance became a mega-popular novelty and was one of the top five best-selling game consoles in Japan for over 5 years. GBA4iOS, apart from its simplicity and speed, which are key aspects of its operation, can also boast of its versatility, being able to emulate not only GBA, but also games for GBC and GB. Furthermore, this emulator has numerous sought-after features such as cheat code input, multiplayer, iPad optimisation, AirPlay video replay, syncing via Dropbox and much more.

GBA4iOS will turn your iOS device into a full-fledged GBA. Play your favourite games such as Pokemon Ruby, Super Mario Advance, Mario Kart, and many more! Just install GBA4iOS, download the ROM files and start playing.

Download GBA4iOS IPA for iOS
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