Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Forever IPA v1.0.8 For iPhone iOS

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Updated January 20, 2024
App Name Super Meat Boy Forever
Latest Version v1.0.8
Genre Action
Developer Thunderful Publishing AB
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Super Meat Boy Forever – the action of Super Meat Boy Forever takes place several years after the events of the game Super Meat Boy. Meat Boy and Bondage Girl have been living a happy life for several years, their peace of mind is not threatened by Dr. Fetus, and they also had a wonderful baby girl named Nugget. Nugget is a shining lump of joy, there is no one and nothing more expensive than her for Meat Boy and Bondage Girl. One day our heroes went on a picnic, but Dr. Fetus caught them by surprise, knocked out Meat Boy and Bondage Girl with a shovel and kidnapped Nugget! When our heroes came to their senses and realized that Nugget had disappeared, they knew what to do. Flexing their fists, they promised that they would reach the end to save their baby, and Dr. Fetus would receive a very important lesson. A lesson that is remembered only under a hail of kicks and punches.

The legendary difficulty of Super Meat Boy returns in Super Meat Boy Forever. Players will have to go through hellish difficult levels where death is inevitable, but they will have a sweet feeling of victory at the end of each level. They will run, jump, kick and kick both in familiar scenery and in completely new worlds.

What could be better than going through Super Meat Boy Forever once? The answer is simple: go through Super Meat Boy Forever several times, playing new levels each time. They are randomly generated: after each passage, you can start the game again, and your experience will be completely different from the first passage, because the game will generate new levels with unique secret locations. You will be able to replay Super Meat Boy Forever from start to finish several times before you hit the same level twice. Here is a real feat of game development and an impressive example of how to cross all reasonable boundaries in the design and production of the game.

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