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Backflip Madness IPA v1.2.2 For iPhone iOS

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App Name Backflip Madness
Latest Version v1.2.2
Genre Games
Developer Gamesoul Studio
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Backflip Madness – in this game you have to make a lot of backflips. As you might have guessed, in this game you have to perform a huge number of tricks. The latter, by the way, are always accompanied by a backflip. It’s a backflip. The game has several locations.

Everything will start from the starting gym. Here you will learn the basics of the gameplay. First, try to do a somersault on the spot. This is much easier than all the other tricks presented here. As you progress through the game, you will perform truly insane stunts, jumping from a great height.

Get ready for the fact that not everything will work out for you the first time. It is possible that in case of another failure, the athlete will be injured. As a result, you will have to control a clumsy character who is very bad at performing tricks. The so-called puppet physics makes the gameplay incredibly fun and interesting.

You will control the character like a puppeteer with a doll. But at the same time, the control system is implemented with just one button. You will just need to catch the most convenient moment to perform any trick, after which the character will make a jump. If you don’t calculate everything, then he goes down and, under the most unfavorable circumstances, can bleed out.

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