Parkour Flight

Parkour Flight

Uploaded: November 17, 2017
Updated: August 20th, 2018 at 14:03
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Category : Arcade
OS : iOS
Download Parkour Flight v1.9

Parkour Flight is a great game on iOS where you will perform various elements of parkour. Take control of the protagonist of the game and perform various tricks and coups in order to accomplish this or that mission. In this game you will make jumps from a great height and bypass various obstacles on the way, performing tricks. Combine a somersault, geyner, blanche and screw and perform a back flip and any degree. The game will please you with realistic physics, excellent game mechanics and 8 interesting levels. Three game modes that will allow you to get a completely new game experience. Discover new heroes and dress them in different costumes.

Requirements: iOS 9.0 and above

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