Max Payne Mobile

Max Payne Mobile

Uploaded: October 4, 2017
Updated: May 20th, 2018 at 18:15
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Category : Arcade
OS : iOS
Download Max Payne Mobile v1.4.3

Max Payne Mobile – Background: A simple police officer who worked undercover was framed and charged with killing his family. Overflowing with anger and a desire for revenge, he decides to flee, and find the real culprits! You are in the role of the protagonist of Max and you will solve the problems, kill the bandits that have fallen in your way to restore justice and revenge for Max’s family.


  • The ability to slow down time
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Control developed specifically for sensor devices
  • Various aiming modes
  • Support Rockstar Social Club, the ability to activate cheats

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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