Phone Drive: File Storage Sync

Phone Drive: File Storage Sync IPA v8.5.25 Download Free For iPhone iOS

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Updated April 20, 2024
App Name Phone Drive: File Storage Sync
Latest Version v8.5.25
Genre Tools
Developer Eightythree Technology
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Phone Drive: File Storage Sync – application with which you can store, view and manage files on your iPhone or iPad. Connect to Phone Drive from any Mac or PC via Wi-Fi network and transfer files by dragging and dropping files directly from Finder or Windows Explorer.


  • Cloud Storage Support: Support Dropbox and iCloud storage.
  • PDF Reader: Fast PDF Reader with thumbnails and bookmark features.
  • Multimedia Player: The ability in the app to create your own audio playlist with Repeat, Shuffle, Background Play and remote control for multitasking.
  • PERSONAL WI-FI HOTPOINT SUPPORT: You can now connect to your computer with your iPhone to transfer files without having to connect to a public Wi-Fi network.
  • HTTP/FTP PASSWORD PROTECTED: Transfer files between PC/Mac with a password.
  • FILE OPERATIONS: Move, copy, rename, delete, archive, unzip, create files and folders.
  • FILE ACCESS: Share files with other iOS devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections and automatically search for nearby available devices around you.
Download Phone Drive: File Storage Sync IPA for iOS
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