Диктатор: Революция

Диктатор: Революция

Uploaded: October 4, 2017
Views: 431
Category : Strategy
OS : iOS
Download Диктатор: Революция v1.5.5

Dictator: Revolution – the game is considered one of the best strategies on iOS in countries such as: Russia, USA, Germany, England, Australia, Canada, France and others. If you have long dreamed of power, then this game is especially for you. As a result of a pre-prepared and treacherous upheaval, you overthrew the existing power, and you yourself became the sole ruler of a small country. Have you ever felt unlimited power? I think this feeling will please anyone and us. In the game, your “slaves” are divided into six subspecies: army, police, oligarchs, human rights activists, people and your family and relatives. The game is turn-based and for each move to you comes one of the representatives of the faction, of course whatsoever you ask. Can you keep a delicate balance between the distribution of your fractions?

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

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