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App Name Ace Attorney Trilogy
Latest Version v1.00.01
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Developer CAPCOM
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Ace Attorney Trilogy is a collection of three visual novel adventure games that were originally released for the Nintendo DS and have been remastered for modern platforms. The games are Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations.

In the Ace Attorney series, players take on the role of Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney who must defend his clients in a series of criminal trials. The gameplay consists of investigating crime scenes, collecting evidence, and presenting it in court to prove the innocence of your client. The games feature colorful characters, engaging storylines, and challenging puzzles that players must solve in order to progress through the game.

Throughout the trilogy, players will encounter a variety of memorable characters, including Phoenix’s assistants, his rival attorneys, and a cast of quirky witnesses and suspects. The games are known for their humorous and engaging storylines, as well as the challenging legal battles that players must face in order to clear their clients’ names.

Overall, the Ace Attorney Trilogy is a must-play for fans of visual novel games, mystery stories, and courtroom dramas.

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