Chameleon Run+

Chameleon Run+ IPA v1.1.4 For iPhone iOS

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App Name Chameleon Run+
Latest Version v1.1.4
Genre Arcade
Developer Noodlecake
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Chameleon Run+ – the game combines elements of a platformer and an isometric runner. Go through numerous levels with your hero, which will be made in the form of structures made of platforms of different colors.

In fact, your character will make long jumps from one platform to another. But only at the moment of landing it should be the same color as the platform itself. Pick up the meeting bubbles to increase your speed. Your road will consist of various platforms, intersected by voids.

Platforms, by themselves, are not a stable structure, so it will be quite difficult not to fall into the void. The speed of movement will increase, which also makes the game attractive.The control in the application is quite simple, and it is mastered in a matter of minutes, clicking on the right side of the screen, the hero will make a jump.

Use the jump boost and jump over all the voids that fall between the platforms.To change the color of the hero, you just need to click on the left side of the screen, this can be done during the jump itself, or during the run-up. The game is divided into separate locations, and each has its own interesting tasks.

The race itself will run to the finish line. At the same time, you can move the camera away or closer to observe the movements of your character from the right angle. You can enjoy bright special effects, for example, colorful smoke that stretches behind your character during the jump.

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