She Sees Red Interactive Movie

She Sees Red Interactive Movie IPA Download Free For iPhone iOS

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Updated July 5, 2021
App Name She Sees Red Interactive Movie
Genre Adventure

She Sees Red – a crime thriller for iOS. In this game, the storyline will depend entirely on your decisions. The choice of the viewer affects the development of events and, of course, the final. You have to solve a complicated business and find out who and why committed the murder in a nightclub. The case was handed over to an investigator who grabs every piece of evidence wherever she leads She Sees Red Interactive Movie is suitable for anyone who loves detective games with an investigation, thrillers and an unusual story.

Features of She Sees Red:

  • A thrilling storyline and non-linear narrative
  • Interactive stories differ when you re-go through
  • Adult movies: crime, drama and detective!
  • Professional actors, editing, light, sound and design.
  • Unexpected plot twists and your personal choice of story!
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