Crayola Adventures

Crayola Adventures IPA v1.1 For iPhone iOS

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Updated April 20, 2024
App Name Crayola Adventures
Latest Version v1.1
Genre Adventure
Developer RED GAMES
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Crayola Adventures – immerse yourself in the world of Crayola Adventures, where an open story and adventurous gameplay create an ever-evolving world that brings your creativity and ideas to life. Your stories. Your rules.

Create a rock band. Or a pop band. Don’t you want to start a band? Then go explore the boundaries of space on a rocket ship that you will create instead. Or do it all together! Challenge the evil genie. No, wait… Become his friend. Or turn him into a majestic blue giraffe! Create your perfect bedroom to spend time with friends, or turn it into a den of evil. Save the robot and make it the main character. Or maybe the main character is destined to be a purple dragon who eats your father’s smelly socks? Or maybe a lizard with an ice cream head! It’s up to you to decide! After all, YOU are the one who inspires the stories you can only dream of.

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