The Whispered World Special Edition

The Whispered World Special Edition IPA

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App NameThe Whispered World Special Edition
Latest Versionv3.2.0405
DeveloperDaedalic Entertainment
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The Whispered World Special Edition – an epic adventure game from the developer studio Daedalic Entertainment. Is your main character named Sedwick going to be in the game, so that you can think? Of course, to save the world! One day, after waking up from another nightmare in which he was haunted by something incomprehensible blue and the world was literally collapsing before his eyes, he decided to seek help from Shaana the oracle, who, as he thought, would solve his problem. However, as it turned out, the shaman predicted to him that he would be the root cause of the destruction of the world, and that these were not just dreams, these were prophetic dreams!

That is why the Elusive World game will plunge you into the world of an incredible adventure to save the whole world, you will literally challenge death and your fate, and all in order to guard the world and not let your dreams come true. Bravely go through all the trials, solve all the puzzles and meet incredibly interesting characters, and all in order to prevent the fall of the world!

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