Jade Empire™: Special Edition

Jade Empire™: Special Edition IPA

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UpdatedSeptember 8, 2021
App NameJade Empire™: Special Edition
DeveloperAspyr Media

Jade Empire – Serene peace reigns in a closed martial arts school. But ominous events marked the beginning of a story filled with adventure and combat. On your journey through the game world, you will meet characters and companions who bring notes of comedy, flirting and rivalry to the game. You have to uncover the dark secrets of the Jade Empire, but first fight with bloodthirsty bandits, creepy demons and evil magicians who guard them. Throughout the game, enjoy the mesmerizing views of the vast expanses with mountain peaks and dense forests.

Jade Empire™: Special Edition still not out or the file has not yet been uploaded to our server. Visit this page later.

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