Goat Simulator PAYDAY

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App Name Goat Simulator PAYDAY
Latest Version v2.0.7
Genre Simulation
Developer Coffee Stain Publishing
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Goat Simulator PAYDAY – in this game, you will have almost no restrictions – destroy everything around you without thinking about the consequences. You will be given an entire city to cause your own riots in it. This time, a whole company consisting of flamingos, a goat, a camel and a dolphin in a wheelchair gathered to do nothing. You can choose any hero to make a real pogrom in the city.

However, initially you have to get out of your cage. To do this, you can just smash its walls, which is also quite exciting. When you can destroy your temporary dungeon, run to the terminal, where the map of the city is presented.

Here you can choose any task to be a hooligan from the bottom of your heart, for example, you can destroy a large sculpture that adorns the roof of the police station.

Of course, the animals that you have to play with do not have humanistic inclinations and a desire to save the world. However, each of them acts as a superhero to some extent. Flamingos have the ability to fly.

And a camel, as befits representatives of animals of this species, can spit at any passerby. Moreover, any animal has the ability to drive a wide variety of cars. Therefore, you will definitely have fun during the game.

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