The Minims – A New Beginning

The Minims – A New Beginning

Uploaded: June 21, 2018
Updated: August 17th, 2018 at 08:51
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Category : Puzzle
OS : iOS
Download The Minims – A New Beginning v3.4.2

The player has to go on an exciting journey through an unfamiliar world to help the protagonist, a strange, but pretty creature named Mia, find his girlfriend – Mo. Mee and Mo are the last representatives of their kind. They peacefully lived together on top of the cliff, but one day Mo suddenly disappeared and now Mia needs to return her home. The fascinating plot of the game will not leave anyone indifferent, and a variety of riddles will not let you get bored and more than once will force you to seriously break your head over solving another puzzle. Management is simple and straightforward, and a pleasant soundtrack adds atmospheric effects.

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