The Game of Life 2

The Game of Life 2 IPA v0.5.0 For iPhone iOS

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Updated December 15, 2023
App Name The Game of Life 2
Latest Version v0.5.0
Genre Board
Developer Marmalade Game Studio
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The Game of Life 2 – a cult board game in graphic design with rich possibilities in terms of the role-playing component. There are many unique items, a variety of virtual worlds and addictive gameplay in their networks. This is a classic movement of the character across the cells of the playing field, but clearly embellished with three-dimensional effects. Choose your path, profession, clothes, get into the car more conveniently and go ahead to new achievements!

The moves are calculated by starting the drum. Therefore, you should rely only on luck. As the player progresses, he earns reputation points and receives funds for the implementation of the idea. Forks help you decide on the choice of classes. You can direct your activities into the field of blogging or study to become a medical specialist. You can also find a family, a house, a new car, change your occupation and choose a big stage for example. In any case, the player himself determines what exactly he needs for success – money, popularity or knowledge.

The game has a multiplayer mode. You can start the game in a private channel and invite only those people you trust. In single-player mode, virtual intelligence is fully revealed. AI is able to surprise with its ambiguous solutions.

The drawing of objects, locations and characters is made in a casual style. Everything is very bright, colorful and beautiful. The models are drawn in high resolution. At the same time, the developers paid special attention to small details, making the world more interesting and saturated.
Object management is intuitive (pressed, pulled, released). Ordinary and simple gestures, coupled with a quick reaction to swipes, help to delve deeply into the process. But we should not forget that every action has its consequences, so you should carefully approach the choice of strategy. Get rewards, buy new items and change your character. The game will not let you get bored.

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