Omega : The first movement

Omega : The first movement IPA v1.0 For iPhone iOS

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Updated May 7, 2021
App Name Omega : The first movement
Latest Version v1.0
Genre Arcade
Developer Dong Hai Huynh

Omega: The first movement is an exciting game from the developers of Goya Games that will tell you the story of a cyborg who is searching for the truth in a terrible world. This game has absorbed two genres of combat action with elements of a musical game. Our hero was on the street at a very young age, after growing up he wanted to become a cyborg, picking up a guitar in the form of an ax, he began to cut his way and fight with powerful enemies. Help him in this difficult matter. Passing one quest after another you begin to understand that not everything is so simple in this game as it seemed from the first.


  • A unique blend of genres of music and action
  • Interesting quests of 15 levels with a variety of puzzles
  • Excellent graphics and animation
  • Varied musical compositions
Download Omega : The first movement IPA for iOS
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