Door Kickers: Action Squad

Door Kickers: Action Squad IPA For iPhone iOS

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Updated March 18, 2021
App Name Door Kickers: Action Squad
Genre Action
Developer KILLHOUSE GA...

Door Kickers: Action Squad – After receiving equipment, knock down the doors and immediately join the action. To gain an advantage, use cover and do not forget to calculate the reload time. If necessary, you can restart the level and try a new strategy. The game also has a unique Tactical Support system that will help replenish health and ammunition. Earn points, but do not rush to spend them, they will be useful to you in order to use the Special ability to help you complete the last difficult room.

Game features:

  • 6 characters, each with unique gameplay and leveling
  • 84 non-linear levels
  • Over 60 types of weapons and equipment
  • 20+ types enemies and 4 types of missions
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