Photosynth IPA

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UpdatedJune 27, 2021
App NamePhotosynth
Latest Versionv1.6.1
GenreMedia & Video

All fans of mobile photography, although sometimes, but do panoramas. They are, however, of varying size and quality. If you are one of these, be sure to try Photosynth – it is designed to create spectacular spherical panoramas. The functionality of the application is simple: you scroll the phone, the camera automatically takes pictures, however, if this is not to your liking, you can press the shutter yourself, but as a rule, do not have to do this: the automation does it well itself. The only thing that can prevent: moving vehicles or people – they will have to be avoided. In addition, the application has a powerful social element: the resulting panoramas can be shown to friends in social networks (albeit in the form of a flat image) or used to publish the photosphere with the same service.

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v1.6.1 Original

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