infltr – Infinite Filters

infltr – Infinite Filters

Uploaded: December 16, 2017
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Category : Media & Video
OS : iOS
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infltr – Infinite Filte – With the application your photos, GIF images, videos will shine with new colors. You can remake them beyond recognition with more than 7 million different filters. Scrolling across the screen, select for yourself the filter you like, put it on the picture and save it in the selected collection. Correct the photo with the help of special tools: contrast, brightness, darkening, saturation, temperature mode, cropping, rotation, alignment, intensity, projection. You can apply filters even to high-quality panoramic images. Synchronization with Photoshop will make the photo, video and animation even more original and beautiful. The Apple Watch device will allow you to remotely control the camera and change the filters at your discretion.


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