Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse from Instagram

Uploaded: September 25, 2017
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Category : Communication
OS : iOS
Download Hyperlapse from Instagram v1.1.7

Accelerated videos are a convenient way to convey the breathtaking beauty of nature or some funny / unusual / extreme moment of your life.

Hyperlapse from Instagram application is an exclusive for apple devices today and perfectly copes with the functions assigned to it. Accelerated video is smooth, thanks to digital stabilization, in the application its speed can be increased 12 times. The created video does not have to be immediately published in the Instagram, for a start you can just save it yourself, no additional registrations are required for this.

The interface is simple and straightforward, no additional functions, except for the actual creation of the accelerated video in the application


Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

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