Умный будильник Sleep Tracker

Умный будильник Sleep Tracker

Uploaded: October 12, 2017
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OS : iOS
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Smart Alarm Clock Sleep Tracker & ndash; a sound and healthy sleep is an important part of every person, and therefore we bring to your attention an interesting application that will provide you, by tracking the sleep cycles, the optimal awakening and well-being throughout the day. Also worth mentioning is that the Smart Alarm Clock is able to record all the sounds and all the noises that can affect the process of your rash. Enjoy your dreams in the kingdom of Morpheus.


  • Accurate tracking algorithm for biorhythms and sleep phases
  • You can choose from 4x (for iPhone) or 3x (for iPod of previous generations) wake-up modes according to your lifestyle and circumstances
  • Recording sounds and noise
  • 20 specially selected melodies for falling asleep and awakening – different genres of music, as well as sounds of nature
  • – Ability to use your own tracks from iPod
  • Detailed statistics
  • Snooze function (delayed awakening)
  • Wake up with vibration
  • Sending statistics to Facebook, Twitter, email


  • Calibrate (Calibration & gt; Calibration) before use.
  • Turn on Airplane mode * before going to sleep.
  • Place the iPhone on the bed with the screen facing down.
  • Leave the phone connected to the mains for the whole night.
  • Do not cover the iPhone!
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